Northern Domestic & Sexual Violence Partnership

The Northern Domestic & Sexual Violence Partnership (ND&SVP) is a multi-agency partnership of local organisations which provide services to victims of domestic & sexual violence and abuse. Collectively we are tasked by the Regional Steering Group on domestic and sexual violence to translate the regional strategy into local actions which will ultimately improve the lives of victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence in our area.

It is well known that many people who live with domestic or sexual abuse, struggle to access the type of service theu need. We also know that individuals need more information about these services, if they are to find the form of support that best meets their needs.

For these reasons, we are delighted to have developed 'The Bigger Picture' - a resource manual which outlines a range of services available to support people living with domestic or sexual abuse in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT) area.

The Bigger Picture Handbook





ND&SVP Coercive Control Seminar December 2016

Northern Domestic & Sexual Violence Partnership host coercive control seminar


L-R Lynne Knox; Tracy Magill; Karen Douglas;                 L-R Paul Frew, MLA; Karen Douglas; Tracy Magill; Gail McKay

Gail McKay                


ND&SVP Inclusion or Illusion Seminar June 2013


Organisations reach out to vulnerable and hard to reach victims of abuse


Ballymena played host to a range of organisations from across the Northern Trust area on 13th June, with the aim of reaching out to people living with abuse, but facing additional barriers in getting support. 

The ‘Inclusion or Illusion’ seminar was organised by the Northern Domestic & Sexual Violence Partnership, at All Saints’ Parish Hall in the town.  Attendees included representatives from PSNI, Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Probation Board of Northern Ireland, Public Prosecution Service, Victim Support, Women’s Aid groups, Triangle Housing, Simon Community, Army Welfare organisations and other groups who make up the Northern Domestic Violence Partnership (NDVP). 

Speakers at the event included representatives from the Men’s Advisory Project, who talked about their experience of working with male victims, Rainbow Project, who discussed their work with victims in same sex relationships, and Ballymena Inter Ethnic Forum, who highlighted the issues experienced by people from a Black or Minority Ethnic background.

The work was the first step in a process which aims to identify additional barriers experienced by people experiencing abuse, and address these issues through partnership working. 

Onus, the Ballymena based social economy business, organised the event through their role supporting the ND&SVP and will now develop the information and experience shared at the seminar further. 

 Onus have worked with employers in the past to develop the ‘Pathways’ initiatives which support victims of domestic abuse in the workplace, and hope to once again work in participation with other organisations to ensure that anyone living with domestic abuse knows of the range of support services available within the community. 

Tracy Magill, Chair of NDVP said at the event:

‘I hope that this is just the first step in establishing how we can improve our services further so that we may reach all of those who are still living in abusive homes, unaware of our services, or fearful for whatever reason to initiate contact with us’. 




Lindsay Harris, NDVP Support         Micelle McCahon, Mens Advisory Project     Ivy Ridge, Ballymena Inter-Ethnic Forum


Harriet Long, The Rainbow Project         


Debate Team      


        NDVP Members Bob Blemmings; Alison Irwin; Rosemary Magill; Randal McHugh & Tracey Maagill


NDVP Members




Army Welfare Service                                     Women's Aid ABCLN                      Cookstown & Dungannon WA



Mens Advisory Project                                         Onus                                        Ballymena Inter-Ethnic Forum


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